Download Play Store 7.4.02

It seems that Google has put the batteries and is updating its entire ecosystem of Android applications. The epicenter of the management of our applications is undergoing constant reviews and experiments by Google, in fact, is now available to download Play Store 7.4.02 with all its new features.

This month we saw how the famous Google keyboard was renamed Gboard and other applications like Google Contacts has also undergone major updates. Play Store has us accustomed to maintenance updates that are performed silently, ie without user intervention, but from here we will facilitate the download of APK file from Play Store 7.4.02.

Download Play Store 7.4.02 and know what’s new.

First of all warn you that this new update is somewhat peculiar, since now Google releases the news gradually or by regions. This is a way to test and if you do not get the expected results, the changes are reverted and the global update is canceled. This system is already working and so we will comment on all the news that land with this new version of Play Store 7.4.02 but some you can see and others not, according to your region.

The first change of all is something that we have all been waiting for years, it is the division of the list “Applications and games” in two independent listings, one for the applications and another for the games. This would ensure that we find what we are looking for in a simpler way and even allow us to receive suggestions in a more accurate and personalized way.

Secondly, we have the new file-by-file patching system, which saves data when we download an update from an application. This upgrade mode is only enabled if we have set up Play Store to update apps automatically. Its operation is as simple as it is limited to download only the files needed to update an App and not the entire APK file as before.

Finally we have to mention and applaud the steps they are taking from the official Android application store to combat spam and the practical skills of developers to position their applications. Google has improved its algorithms to detect and penalize applications that may contain spam or malware, so that they do not reach our devices.

The previous move led the developers of the Google Play Store to use artificial intelligence, which was news. Within this fight against spam, they have also included the fight against “trolls” who leave offensive comments. To enjoy all these new features we will have to download Play Store 7.4.02 on our Android device.